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How to Use Host Proxy on Your Virtual Machine

I use VMware Workstation as my virtual-machine-manager. My OS environment: Host machine: Windows 10 Virtual machine: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS On my host machine, I use clash-for-windows as proxy manager, which provides users with several useful features like “Allon LAN”. Steps to use host proxy on virtual machine is easy to follow: Set up NAT network by the virtual network editor of VMware Workstation. It may generate a network connection with a name like “VMnet8”.

Notes for Andrew Ng's Machine Learning (Coursera)

Week 3 Roadmap: Classification Logistic Regression Multi-classification Problem of Overfitting Q3-1: the difference between feature scaling and normalization? Feature scaling includes different kind of normalization or standardization . Further info see also: Differences between Normalization, Standardization and Regularization | Free Space 特征缩放(Feature Scaling) - HuZihu - 博客园